Short Teaching Philosophy

I believe teaching begins by respecting students. Students face a number of challenges, many structural, and students continually perform vulnerability to the “event” of learning (wherever and whenever it happens). My teaching philosophy is that learning takes place when students question common certitudes. Ideally, teaching, by questioning normalized ways of thinking and being, should enable students to participate in how they are governed. My pedagogy is not one of demanding formal mastery, but rather is guided by three important communication features: fostering critical thought, contextualizing identity production, and integrating constitutive media. Overall, teaching has the potential to extend involvement: to participate in social and political change, become concerned about public issues, and feel connected to ideas and others.

Courses Taught

Pacific Lutheran University, Visiting Assistant Professor
Introduction to Media Studies, Spring 2019
Intercultural Communication, Spring 2019
Introduction to Communication, Fall 2018
Gender and Communication, Fall 2018
Media, Ethics, and the Law, Fall 2018

University of Texas at Austin, Assistant Instructor
Speech in American Culture, Fall 2015, Spring 2016
Professional Communication Skills, Fall 2013, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016

Syracuse University, Assistant Instructor
Presentational Speaking, Fall 2011, Fall 2012

Sample Syllabi

"Visual Communication," Undergraduate Sample Syllabus
"Racializing Surveillance," Undergraduate Sample Syllabus
"War's Sensorium," Graduate Sample Syllabus

Sample Lesson Plans & Assignments

(E)Motion Pictures,” (student projects), Introduction to Media Studies, Spring 2019
‘I Have a Question’ Final Video” (student projects), Gender and Communication, Fall 2018
PISSAR Bathroom Survey,” from Chess, et al. reading (use in student newspaper), Gender and Communication, Fall 2018
"Campus Color Stories” (student examples and PLU hype), Introduction to Communication, Fall 2018
"Make Sound Arguments” (and student examples), Introduction to Communication, Fall 2018
"Failure Interviews (including video tutorial of iPhone interface)," Digital Writing & Research Lab, Spring 2018
"Fake News (including video tutorial of," Digital Writing & Research Lab, Fall 2017
"Team Assignment: Changing the World," "Professional Communication Skills," Spring 2016
"Cultural Application," "Speech in American Culture," Spring 2016
"Using Tone Algorithms for Rhetorical Criticism" "Speech in American Culture," Spring 2016
"Sensory Auto-Ethnography of Statues," "Speech in American Culture," Fall 2015